About Us

It's not unusual for people to find that making a call to a Customer Service department can quickly turn into a frustrating experience, this is especially true if you're calling to remedy a problem or file a complaint. Imagine how reassuring it would be to know that you could provide evidence
of your call by using an independent party. This is exactly why, "Help Line Call" is known for making your life a little bit. They can provide the necessary confirmation you need in order to prove that your important call was actually made.

Help Line Call

There can be a number of reasons why a caller might need to be able to prove they made a phone call; for example, this proof can be extremely helpful for anyone who is having a dispute with a business. If the dispute is escalated, being able to show proof that a call was made, including the date, time and even duration of the call can be invaluable. Of course, the company involved in the dispute probably has this information, but it is not a given that they will be willing to share this information with you, even if you request it.

Thankfully, when you use Help Line Call, you'll be able to have the necessary evidence that you placed the call tracking when the call started up to when it was ended.

Retrieve Data Without a Hassle

Some people have asked if it's difficult to have specific data retrieved. Fortunately, it's not. The only thing you'll need to do is let us know the specific company you called, what date the call was made as well as the time of the phone call. Of course, it will also be necessary to provide the phone number from which you made your call.

Then, all you'll need to do is allow the Help Line Call team handle the rest. We'll be able to locate the evidence of your phone call and will email it to you. That's pretty straightforward, isn't it?

We have the phone numbers you'll need!

You can take comfort in knowing that at Help Line Call, we've done our research. We've sourced contact numbers for a wide range of commonly used companies. However, there can be times when a specific number you request is not on our list This is not a problem, simply call us and we will source the phone number for you, usually in only a few minutes.